Employment Law

Muller & Muller represents both employers and employees in the area of employment law litigation. Because we both pursue and defend employment law cases, we have a well-rounded perspective on the strengths and weaknesses of any particular case. With respect to individuals, we help persons who have been terminated wrongfully, discriminated against, or who have not received the compensation to which they are entitled. We also help individuals by reviewing and negotiating employment agreements, severance packages, and separation agreements. With respect to businesses, we advise them on avoiding or minimizing legal risks, we defend against claims of current or former employees, and we guide our clients through government investigations—such as under the Fair Labor Standards Act. We also serve our clients in the area of trade secret protection—the drafting, enforcement and challenging of non-compete, non-solicitation, and confidentiality agreements.

The following is a sampling of the employment-law types of claim we have successful experience with:

In approaching an employment law claim, Muller & Muller seeks first to revolve such disputes through mediation and settlement in a manner that is fair and that protects our clients. We seek second to litigate and vigorously pursue our clients’ employment law claims or defenses through trial and upon appeal if necessary. Our experience in both state and federal trial courts is an asset that we use to the benefit of our clients, whether an individual or a corporation. We make time to consult directly with potential clients, without fee, in order to determine if we are the best fit for their situation. If we are not, we will try to find someone who is.