About Our Firm

Who We Are and What We Do:

Muller & Muller, PLLC has obtained the highest rating (an A-V rating) available to legal professional firms. Principal attorneys Noel Muller and Andrew Muller have more than 40 years combined legal experience upon which to build enduring client relationships. We are selective about with whom we work and the cases we select to litigate, focusing on quality over quantity. In certain instances, our attorneys choose to associate with highly respected attorneys from outside the firm as a means to best serve our clients.

Muller and Muller, PLLC focuses the following core practice areas:

  1. Employment Law
  2. Wills, Trust, Probate and Estate Planning
  3. Business Law
  4. Civil Litigation (related to employment law, business and real estate)
  5. Real Estate Matters (with an emphasis on dispute resolution and litigation)

Our Aspirations:

Muller & Muller, PLLC, strives to combine acquired skill with dedication to professional service in order to meet the needs and demands of clients. The firm’s overarching goal is to develop high-quality attorney-client relationships that endure. As a consequence, the attorneys of Muller & Muller are available and accessible to each client with whom they choose to work, regardless of the type of case or money involved.

How We Can Help:

If you have a legal matter that needs attention, an attorney with Muller & Muller, PLLC can help. The firm’s focus on quality means that it does not take all cases nor work with all potential clients. Still, the attorneys of Muller & Muller, PLLC will respond to serious inquiries with an initial consultation, guidance and referrals, if necessary. As always, the goal is to develop high-quality relationships based on professionalism and sound legal counsel.